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Mediators of Ethnic Disparities in Breast Cancer Prognosis
  This project is...
  • Examining racial/ethnic variation in prognostic markers
  • Examining racial/ethnic variation in intervening variables:
    1. Path to detection (how the breast cancer was discovered)
    2. Time to contact (from discovery to health care contact)
    3. Time in system (from contact to beginning of treatment)
  • Examining the role of intervening variables on prognosis
  • Examining racial/ethnic variation in initial treatment offered & received
  • Assessing the effects of variables in Projects 1–3 on treatment
  Principal Investigator: Garth Rauscher, Ph.D.
  Co-investigators: Faith G. Davis, Ph.D.; Clara Manfredi, Ph.D.; and Richard B. Warnecke, Ph.D.
  Study Sample: Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients (n = 469) throughout Chicago, interviewed within 34 months of diagnosis (in partnership with the Illinois State Cancer Registry).
  Preliminary results suggest that compared to findings for White women, African-American and Hispanic women reported that they were...
  • More likely to find their cancer as a lump rather than on a screening mammogram (perhaps suggesting that there are differences in access to mammography).
  • Among women reporting a recent mammogram, again, they were more likely to find their cancer as a lump rather than on a screening mammogram (perhaps suggesting that there may be differences in the effectiveness of mammography as currently practiced).
  • Waited longer to begin treatment once they entered the heath care system for the problem (either due to system or patient delays).
  • Less likely to be offered treatments consistent with practice guidelines for their disease stage.
  • More likely to refuse treatments that were offered for their disease.
  We are currently working to confirm these findings using medical record data.
  For more information, contact Dr. Garth Rauscher at garthr@uic.edu.

University of Illinois at Chicago
Last update 10.29.07