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> > > > > PROJECT 3
Breast Cancer Delay in African-American,
Hispanic, & White Women
  This project is...
  • Identifying variation in delay patterns across ethnic populations
  • Identifying individual, social, & economic contributions to delay
  • Developing an instrument to assess cultural beliefs & cultural orientation on delay
  • Examining the influence of cultural beliefs & cultural orientation on delay
  • Examining the perceived consequences of delay on the timing of health care
  • Developing & pilot testing interventions with community partners & Project 1
  Principal Investigator: Carol Estwing Ferrans, Ph.D.
  Co-investigators: Gloria J. Bonner, Ph.D., and Timothy P. Johnson, Ph.D.
  Study Sample: Interviews with women from the general population in Chicago (n = 117), women seeking diagnosis of suspicious breast symptoms (n = 176) at Stroger Cook County Medical Center & University of Illinois Medical Center, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients (n = 371) from throughout Chicago.
  • Endorsement of greater numbers of cultural beliefs was found to be related to longer delay in seeking diagnosis for suspicious breast symptoms in African-American but not White women.
  • Beliefs likely to contribute to later-stage presentation of breast cancer were more prevalent in the African-American and Latina groups. For example, the idea that faith in God would protect a woman from breast cancer was more common among African Americans (39%) and Latinas (38%) than Caucasians (5%). Some women diagnosed with late-stage cancer reported they had been waiting and praying for God to remove the lump.
  • In addition to beliefs, a number of barriers to mammography were identified, such as long waits for appointments, distance from home, transportation problems, & cost.
  For more information, contact Dr. Carol Ferrans at cferrans@uic.edu.

Last update 10.29.07