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Administrative & Case Ascertainment Core
  The CPHHD is a collaboration of individual university investigators and community partners who have an interest in addressing the disparity among racial and ethnic populations in survival from cancer and other diseases. One of the primary functions of Core A is to maintain the partnerships that tie the CPHHD together, including the partnership with the Hektoen Institute, which will facilitate cancer case ascertainment (i.e., identification of cases, abstraction of records, and developing and maintaining a patient tracking system). Core A also will support and maintain effective relationships with community partners to more likely ensure that successful interventions will ensue. Further, Core A will provide scientific leadership to the Center, translate science into practice, and be responsible for the overall Center management.
  Principal Investigator: Richard B. Warnecke, Ph.D.

Deputy Director: Carol Estwing Ferrans, Ph.D.

Co-directors: Philip J. Bowman, Ph.D., and Virginia Martinez, JD

University of Illinois at Chicago
Last update 12.14.04