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Representatives from the following community agencies and governmental organizations are collaborating with the UIC faculty and staff in various phases of the research:

The Healthcare Consortium of Illinois is a community-based integrated health and social service organization with a diverse membership representing all facets of the health and human service disciplines.

Healthy South Chicago is a coalition comprised of residents, local service providers, agencies, organizations, and individuals interested in the public health of the South Chicago community area.

The Greater Roseland District Health Council, which is a member of the Chicago/County Ambulatory Care Council, was established as a public private partnership of health care providers, public officials and community residents who work together to assess community needs and initiate programs to address urgent and pressing health concerns.

The mission of the City of Chicago Department of Public Health is "to make Chicago a safer and healthier place by working with community partners to promote health, prevent disease, reduce environmental hazards, and assure access to care."

The Illinois State Cancer Registry is a program of the Illinois Department of Public Health that collects cancer cases through mandated reporting by hospitals, ambulatory surgical treatment centers, and non-hospital affiliated radiation therapy treatment centers.

Our Community Partners are assuming critical roles in the CPHHD:

  1. Providing recommendations & advice regarding research program implementation.
  2. Conducting community outreach to inform & educate Chicago-area residents, health care providers, clergy, & policy makers.
  3. Disseminating study information & thereby facilitating participant recruitment.
  4. Convening & staffing Breast Health Work Groups in target communities.
  5. Maintaining community & agency linkages to enhance program sustainability.
  6. Supporting the identification & design of new research initiatives.

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